Friday, September 07, 2012

Yellow spot blouse

I have had this Burda blouse (105 from 5/2008) traced for a while, but I only got around to making it up this week. I really love the pleated neckline finished with binding - it makes a nice change from the collared shirts I usually wear to work in warmer weather.
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I am not so keen on the fold up sleeves. They just look awkward. But seeing as the fabric is a sheer voile and I need a singlet underneath, it is more suitable as a transition piece anyway and the sleeve length is not too bad.

I used this blouse to practise my bound button technique.

The pattern actually has you make casing for the elastic but I just use shirring elastic. Probably not the best choice for this delicate fabric though.

Fingers crossed this post works. My poor computer is in the fix up shop and my work computer is not displaying blogger properly. I have uploaded the pictures using picasa instead.


  1. Oooh, pretty, Summery. I love it. I am highly impressed that you have made bound buttonholes in voile! That is way out of my skill set.

  2. So pretty! I need to make some tops like this, looks like it would be lovely to wear when the hot weather starts :) (BTW, I can see your top pic, but it won't load up any of the other photos on my computer?)

  3. Don't think Picasa is playing nicely with you - only the first photo is showing up!!! But it does show a great top - pleated neckline is a lovely detail...

  4. Your top is so pretty and summery, and I love the turn up sleeves too. LIke Judith and Suzy, I could only see the first photo? I hope you can get the others working, I would love to see a close-up of those bound buttonholes :)

  5. I too can only see the first photo but it is a very sweet one! Love that shirred waist fitting.

  6. Oh, I love this blouse. The neckline is gorgeous, and the cheerful yellow print is perfect!


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