Friday, July 18, 2008

Flowergirl dress

Flowergirl dress is done (thank goodness). I quickly snapped this picture when I finished - I need to learn to take better photos. I think I might do a tute for making the gathers - I think they would look good on a regular dress/skirt too.
I have been making some cards too - very basic sew some fabric on type cards. I was planning to make patchwork-type ones, but this was much easier. They are going to be good to keep on hand rather than make the card at the last minute. I wasn't feeling very creative when I made them, but they will be handy for the moment until I am feeling more creative.


  1. Oh Marie - that's gorgeous! You are so very clever - it's so 50s (in the best most wonderful way). Well done, it looks amazing.

  2. Oh my, the dress is just lovely! The gathers really make it, it would be great if you could write a tute for them.

  3. The dress turned out so well!

    I really like your fabric cards.


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