Saturday, July 19, 2008

English Rose

Jalisa looks like an English schoolgirl in this outfit - well, she is 1/4 English so I hope she gets away with it.

The patterns are from Ottobre (#301 Best Tees, #14 from 4/2007), the fabric care of some clothes found at Lifeline. These were whipped up in no time, especially as the hems were already done. The skirt has little pleats at the front and back and I will definetly be making lots more of these as they use up very little fabric and are so easy to do.


  1. Oh she looks so gorgeous! Gotta love Ottobre, they have the best patterns & opshops too for that matter!

  2. Awww she is looking so grown up! I love the outfit, the skirt is especially adorable.

    I've also nominated you for an award, check my blog for details!

  3. What an adorable outfit!


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