Monday, October 22, 2007

Shopping totes

After quite a bit of umming and ahhing over what to make as gifts for two little girls, I decided on making them these little tote bags and purses.
The purses are filled with play money - if the girls are anything like Jalisa, they will love playing with the set (I am already making another bag and purse for Jalisa, with fabrics that she selected).
I felt free and reckless while making these. See, I am one to work out the dimensions, add allowances and have it all square and right. With these, I did not care whether the dimensions ended up being an odd number, and I did not even measure for the pocket placement.
In a way it made me feel good to not worry but at the same time it kind of rubbed me up the wrong way so I know I won't do that too much in the future - it just doesn't suit me.


  1. Marie great gifts

  2. They look great Marie! Great idea about the play money too.. What a wonderful present!

  3. What an excellent idea! They look great.


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