Thursday, February 15, 2007

Remember that skirt...

That I made ages ago? I finally got a picture taken. Wore it for the first time last night out to dinner. I have decided to make one or two of these in knit, to wear for the next few months...just need to get into it. Since the other night, I have been challenging myslef to do more around the house. Hopefully when I catch up on the washing I can get into some sewing.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I can't sleep...

My joints and muscles were aching and my mind was racing plus Wayne needed to get a good night's sleep so I thought I would come online to read myself asleep.

Life has been kinda weird lately - I feel like I am stuck in this warp. I have been feeling tired but non-nausous lately but have continued to take it very easy around the house. I feel guilty that I am not pulling enough weight around the house, but I have to reason that I am better of doing things in moderation and feeling good rather than overworking myself and feeling terrible.

I have a few things on my plate to get me out of the house - playgroup (actually, that started today). A friend and I are organising I am doing Creche at church on Sundays. Love the kids but had an incident of Jalisa getting jealous of my paying attention to others during the story and she starting hitting to get my attention...tricky situation since the kids don't understand that she does not totally *get* how to handle that jealousy emotion the right way and I was able to get her to apologise or anything and I hadn't even thought of a backup plan if something like this ever happened. One parent offered to have her sit on her lap but I will have to think about it as I don't think Jay would like that idea.

I am getting to a stage where I need some looser clothing but I don't have the energy to make anything. I haven't touched the SM in a LONG time - I can't think about that right now. Maybe by the time I get around to feeling like my old self, it will be time to be making the full on preggo clothes, like these offerings from Japanese Weekend:

I have all the stuff - jeans, fabric, elastic - I just need some energy.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy birthday princess

Jalisa had a great time running around, jumping and dancing - I just wish I could capture her excitement into a bottle, it was just so special. The tutu ended up being very useful, as it cushioned her fall from the footstool when she was eating her BBQ dinner.