Friday, February 15, 2008

The birthday girl with a side of gifts

I am getting so slack about updating this blog. It seems every time I am on the computer I am holding or feeding Scott, so it is really difficult to type stuff, edit photos etc. I will have to challenge myself to post more.

This is Jalisa on her third birthday. We gave her a helmet (so she can ride her bike safely), some gumboots and some makeup (naughty mum, we hoped it would stop her drawing on herself with highlighters).
It was raining that day - perfect for testing out the gumboots.

Isn't my Dad talented? He made this barbie house. It is similar to the one he made me when I was younger. I loved mine, and Jalisa is enjoying hers. He also made her some little chairs, a table and a lounge. You can see the little curtains I made - I need to make some cushions for the lounge I think.

These are some tool belts I have been making for boy birthdays this year. Each is slightly different, I hope the recipients will like them. I made them all production-line style, so I am sure it cut down on the time.


  1. Those tool belts look great Marie! I'm sure they will be a big hit.

  2. Marie, Jalisa looks like she enjoyed her birthday presents. The dolls house your dad made is great

  3. Marie - the tool belts look great and Jalisa appears to be happy with her boots and helmet (did sh have make up on for the photos?)

    I am hearing you on the one hand typing and updating!

  4. I love the tool belts, they are so cute! Jalisa looks very happy with her presents, the doll house is just adoralbe

  5. Marie those tool belts are gorgeous... What a great idea..


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