Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dyeing day

Jalisa and I did some dyeing this morning. Just some blank white tees that I bought specifically for Jalisa to dye. I wasn't sure if she was ready to dye in terms of motor skills but I thought it would be a good lesson in mixing colours.

I did not give Jalisa a choice in the procedure, just the colours. She chose dark pink, yellow, light blue, green and purple. I actually mixed the dye with some shaving cream to make the dyes visible rather than transparent in the mixing bowl. This was good way to show Jalisa the different shades of green that could be achieved by adding different amounts of blue and yellow.

We wet the t-shirts then placed them into the dye/shaving cream mixture. The dye was masssaged in, to cover all of the white areas. We then added one cup of soda ash mixture (while lifting the tee out of the bowl) and massaged this in. I was particularly careful with the pink and purple, since the red is the fastest of the dyes to strike.

I am pleased to report that the colours are looking bright and fairly solid. Maybe the most solid I have ever done. The original colours were golden yellow (I think), intense blue and mixing red. The purple that was created is gorgeous. No pictures, as we need new ones.

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