Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Purple dress with applique

Okay, jumping the gun again because I still have 20cm or so of the lining to hand sew, but I don't care.

This dress started off as Burda WOF #107 from 12/04 - a princess-line, raglan sleeved evening gown that I thought would work for the creative piece that I had in mind As I sewed up the purple sateen (gorgeous fabric to work with BTW) I hit a snag. The dress looked terrible on me. It did not sit right and it was these wing things happening from the dart at the top of the sleeve (did not make how much I blended, and shaped and coaxed, the apex kept jutting off my arm and it looked terrible.

After having a big sulk about my wadder, and having a big whinge at DH who was just tryinng to enjoy the Easter weekend, I began to compare the pattern pieces with other Burda dresses that i have have traced. I discovered another dress was almost identical in the skirt, and I had enough fabric to recut another bodice.

This dress is going to be entered into a creative dressmaking category for the local show. It was a little ambitious seeing that I am not particularly arty or creative and I wasn't sure if dyeing was what they had in mind (exammples given include smocking and embroidery). I would have like to try reverse applique a la Alabama Chanin but that is better suited to stretch knits. I appliqued the flower with satin stitching.


  1. Good Luck in the show It looks fabulous I love the colours!

  2. Love it!

    The colours are beautiful and the flower looks so pretty against the purple

    Best of luck for the show. :)

  3. Looks gorgeous Marie! The colours are beautiful. Best of luck in the show :)


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