Sunday, February 27, 2011

It made sense at the time...

Last weekend I decided I should make some more cropped pants for work. I had a couple of cuts that would work with Jalie 2909. I picked the black to start first. With only a few pattern pieces, and no extras, the pants went together quickly. Now I could have cut out and sewn a red pair (or kept working on the coat that I am in the middle of) but I thought that I would cut out a deep purple jumper.

You know, a jumper. Those things you wear in cool weather. It made sense at the time, something quick to whip up while the overlocker thread was the right colour. I would eventually get around to wearing it. I just wasn't thinking that I would need to snap some shots for the blog. Just wasn't thinking it was going to be the hottest day of the week when I finally had some time to take a photo.

The pattern is Kwik Sew 742, found in an op shop years ago when I was obsessed with collecting KS patterns.
I made the jumper at the end of the week and by this time I had totally forgotten about cropped pants for work and was thinking about cool weather sewing. So yesterday I made two tops that I can layer under jumpers or wear on their own when the weather is cool but not cold.

The purple is Jalie 2804 again. 3/4 sleeves and a gathered front panel ( I forgot about the gathering, I think I could have made it sit nicer if I felt like taking some more hot pictures). I was meant to have long sleeves, but there was a fault in the fabric so I ran out.
The blue is my TNT Kwik Sew 3003 ( crew neck drafted by me). The blue and purple fabric are a cotton/poly/elastane blend that I am hoping will wash up nicely. They sewed up rather nicely compared with the rayon/elastance blends that I like for tops.

If I am not working on my coat, my next project will be some red cropped pants, probably accompanied by a red jumper.


  1. Lovely! I really like the purple crossover top :)

  2. Lots of nice fitting basics here. I really like the purple Jalie top and the bright blue crew neck. I sympathize with you on the hot weather photos. I remember taking some shots and sweltering in the outfit I made, simply because my house is like an oven in the summer with no AC.

  3. I too love the purple crossover. Might have to invest in that pattern, you make it look good...


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