Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Pale pink lace dress - feedback required

This dress is a case of when the fabric and pattern marriage doesn't work out as hoped.  I saw some lace dresses at the shops and practically raced to the fabric store to see what kind of laces they had. As it turned out, they had exactly what I was looking for - a pale pink cotton lace. Well, it is a cotton nylon blend. I thought that a very simple shift would be the way to go to let the fabric shine. 
Maybe it is the longer length. Maybe it is the colour. The basic pattern doesn't help. The resulting dress is pretty but very plain.
I felt I had two options. Dyeing the dress or adding a belt. I have finally gotten around to making one from satin. It helps a little, but I am not sure if it is the answer. I think it is the colour of the dress. I am used to my daughter wearing bright, strong colours. I wanted a pale pink because I thought it would work well with her new white shoes.

 The belt is not fastened to the dress at the moment. I need feedback - should I keep the colour as is and wear with or without a belt, maybe of a different colour? Or should I dye it?

BTW, the pattern is Ottobre #12 from 4/2004, with the neckline from #23 16/09 and the sleeves shortened. The lace is  underlined with a pale pink cotton broadcloth and I used an invisible zipper at the back.


  1. I like it as is. You can always change the bow or belt and I really do like it just as a straight shift dress.

  2. My very first thought was a stronger coloured (hot pink, burgundy) sash with a permanent bow at the front but off to the side as a feature (if that makes sense!) And for the sash to be a little higher than waist level, not to pull the waist in at all but to just sit.
    That sounds really bossy. Sorry, just what I think would look good.
    You're right, it's a really lovely, classic looking dress - so pretty.

    1. Not bossy at all. Actually, I was thinking higher up when I thought it needed something. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Not sure if she would like it shorter for summer, with a pair of short leggings underneath, teamed with a flat pair of converse shoes!!! The colouring matches beautifully with her gorgeous skin and hair...

  4. I like the ribbon tie look. Cute dress

  5. I do think this dress is very pretty. Another option, to give it a bit more interest, might be adding a cute little cropped denim jacket.


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