Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wool sheath dress

I realised when taking photos that I am really out of practise taking photos. I had to take photos over two days and I am extremely stiff and wooden. I can't seem to relax when taking photos - I am paranoid of being caught by a neighbour. It is not like I don't have a legitimate reason should they ask and it seems quite silly when I am writing it down, but I just get embarrassed taking photos of myself.
I finished Burda #111 from 09/07 on Saturday.   
I thought the sheath dress made with a dark blue wool crepe would be great to wear over knit tops in Winter and extend me Winter dress options. The blue crepe must be my oldest stashed fabric, bought back when I was 19 or 20, was always earmarked for pants.

My enthusiasm waned when I realised the dress was very similar to my high school pinafore dress. Having already purchased the lining and zipper, I attempted to persuade myself to finish the dress but it was slow going. Yesterday I got stuck into it and finished it up to wear last night. I wore it with this tee, but with a denim jacket so the tee is not visible.
I did not bother to read the instructions, so I did not realise that there can be some topstitching along the darts. I have also omitted the belt loops and haven't bothered to make the belt either. I constructed the dress with a lot of basting stitches, so I could easily unpick and take the dress in. Apart from a little at the waist/high hip in the side seam, I did not need to take the dress in like I was expecting. Of course, I wanted a little extra room so I could slip a tee under, but the dress fits well on its own.

 I lined the fabric with a cotton sateen, which does catch on the stockings. I just can't seem to find a lining fabric I like. Polyester zaps me no end in Winter and attracts fluff and acetate lining is weak and painful (third time fixing a dress lined with acetate and it has only been washed a handful of times). I wish a knew a local source for rayon lining. I am going to use cotton voile or similar as much as possible until I find something else similar.


  1. What a superb fit! I imagine this will definitely be a wardrobe workhorse.

  2. It fits you beautifully and I love it with the purple top in the bottom pic, it doesn't look like a school uniform to me!

    I hear you about the lining fabrics, I would love to find a stretch lining to use in pants or skirts.

  3. Very pretty and classic. I agree that the fit looks really good!

  4. Your dress looks terrific, and I am sure will be a fabulously useful winter basic. The colour is really gorgeous!

  5. Looks really nice to me.
    I know what you mean about taking photos too!!


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