Saturday, January 25, 2014

Shorts and skirts

My blog is really limping along at the moment. I seem to have no desire to take the time to photograph my sewing but at the same time I want to keep a visual record of what I have created. I expect to blog in dribs and drabs again this year and I will be happy if I can photograph most of my sewn items.
First up is this striped ponte skirt. I have always followed the rule of no vertical stripes on my lower half because of my pear shape. However, I just want to get on with sewing this year without overthinking and I thought this fabric (and the amount I had) would make a great skirt.
 I wore it to work and received tons of compliments so I think I did okay with my choice. This is such an easy make but it is so comfortable being a knit. I bought this fabric last year and my aim was to use all of pieces before their next sale. The pattern is an adapted Kwik Sew 3032.

Next up is some shorts for my daughter. I made a huge error when tracing and used my son's pattern size. This is the first time I have ever done that and was not fun to realise when I had spent hours on the topstitching! Ooops. They do still fit her - the funny thing is I traced the exact same size as her other ones from 2011 that I was trying to replace. I am still debating whether I pass these on to a friend's daughter or not. I  had already cut out the cord version so made those a little bigger with a smaller seam allowance.
This yellow linen was another designer sale item. I used my tried and true woven shorts pattern based on an 2005 Burda magazine pattern. The linen was too see through for my liking so I underlined it with a cotton fabric.
 The underlining helped with wrinkling although these photos were taken before I sat down at home.
I made this skirt spur of the moment when my plans for the day fell through. I had bought the fabric online intending it to be a dress but it was more lightweight than I expected and was not really suitable for a sheath dress. I thought it would make a good skirt or tank top. When I was laying out my skirt pattern, I realised a could cut out both, so I did. The pattern is one I drafted myself, with 6 flared panels and a yoke style waistband.
 I have made a couple of other garments, including a blouse that caused me so much grief, but I will need to take those photos again. I forgot to put the memory card in my camera.


  1. Your yellow shorts are absolute perfection, the fabric and fit are perfect! I've been in a bit of a blog slump too, still been sewing but not blogging anywhere near the amount I used to.

  2. I agree, as hard as blogging can be, it's good to have a visual record. It's good you've managed to make so much in the holidays. Happy Term 1!

  3. Marie I think you are well on your way to using all your fabric. I really love your striped skirt - great matching btw, and I love the yellow shorts! I don't wear yellow as my skin is very sallow but I do love it. I kind of hope they don't have the fabric sale for a while - I can't resist but I have WAY too much fabric at the moment. (that's no reason for others to miss out though)

  4. Love that stripy skirt, looks fantastic on you.

    I've always thought that 'rule' is a load of rubbish.

  5. I really love the stripey skirt! Despite whatever "common sense" we always hear, those horizontal stripes are very appealing.


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