Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Overalls for E

So I finally finished some overalls for my nephew, who is 1 mid June. I am happy enough with the applique, but the other night I discovered a different way of appllique-ing (a blanket stitch rather than satin stitch) which may have looked better. Plus, the car looks a little off evan though it was a clip. Oh well.

I used some Michael Miller fabric for the cuffs and even though I was planning to use navy snaps at the legs, I used red all over.

I must get back into selling stuff on ebay. This new computer loads so much faster than my old one. I am aiming to raise enough money to cover registering a business name. With an idea in my head, I have no idea if it will suceed or if it is in God's plan for me but I am going to have a go anyway and come what may.

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