Thursday, June 29, 2006

Crafty Mama this week

I am crafty mama of the week at Crafty Mamas: I am Jays Mum incase you need to know.

Speaking of Crafty Mamas, I have offered to make custom children's clothing through the store there. Plus I have a needle roll and crochet hooks roll for sale there.

After so much hard work, I am nearly ready to launch my pre-cut clothing kits...just shorts/long shorts/capris and peasant tops to begin with but I have plans to do so much more. It just takes SO much time to make patterns, write instructions and make samples so I can take pictures of the process.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dress for wedding

I needed a simple (quick) dress to wear to a wedding that we had been invited to at the last minute. I combined 2 patterns (kwik sew 3003 view A and 3032 skirt) to make a dress. I had wanted the longer skirt option but turns out to be long enough in the knit that I used.

Wedding was fantastic...the groom was so nervous and he had tears in his eyes as she walked down the was so sweet (unlike at our wedding where I was the one crying as I walked down the aisle...all happy tears mine you!)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Stocktake sale - Spotlight -

I only went to buy elastic, thread and needles, all to complete cut-out projects. I found huge savings - Cotton lycras $14 down to $5, rayon lycras at 5, drills were 2. Basically a lot of stuff between $2-5.

I loaded a trolley full. We waited an hour to be served. The lovely lady behind the counter stated that all the fabrics on sale were a further 50% off. So many lovelies for $2.50. I nearly had a heart attack. I think I bought over 30 meters but it was at a sensational discoutnand I LOVE it all.

And Jalisa is developing my love of fabric...she was rolling in it for goodness sakes.