Friday, March 09, 2007

Op shopping is such fun

Decided it was time to go and do some shopping after a 2 month forced "I am pregnant and feeling sick and tired" break. First we went to the baby store as it is moving and was having a sale. Picked up a toddler tourer, which I hope will be useful for out and about in the early times.

Next stop, Lifeline, where I spotted this delightful little sewing machine - I thought Jalisa might like to play on it while her Mummy is sewing! I also picked up this great little cash register for only $2, but that is for playgroup.

We also went across the road to the Hospice store. Got these patterns:

They also had a stack of fabrics, but I ended up with these.
The white is a pique, hopefully cotton, with "Marie Claire" kind of embossed in there. The grey pinstripe will be a winter tunic and I think I will make the check into a little kilt or dress for winter too.


  1. Anonymous5:41 am

    Great finds! Love the little sewing machine - too cute!

  2. THe sewing machine is gorgoeus. Louisa would love something like that!

  3. Oh I just adore that sewing machine. What a great find! I am sure J will love it and follow in your sewing footsteps.

  4. awwwww how sweet is that sewing machine! I could just see Rhiannon sitting down with me sewing away! She tries it on my machines when they are turned off, which alwasy ends in disaster! LOL

  5. I love that machine, what a find, and the patterns and fabric are great, I wish my op shop had great stuff like that.

  6. Marie, great finds, love that machine


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