Friday, May 25, 2007

A few basics

I have done a bit of sewing lately, but have not gotten around to getting photos taken. It is really hard to get any photos of me, because Wayne gets home fairly late and by then it is dark.

This is a cardi for Jalisa, made from a lovely mystery jade-coloured knit. I used Ottobre's Best Tee pattern again, just extending the front. I was pleased that I was able to get this cut out of the leftovers from my cardi (as I had 2m but the knit was less than 150cm wide so my cardi basically took up the whole length without the planned leftovers. I was able to squeeze this in the sides!).
Again, Ottobre's best tee pattern, sans the neckband. I used the jade thread to topstitch with the twin needle.

I love Ottobre...I have got plans to use Ottobre for the dress up swap, so it is very handy!


  1. Great work, Marie. You're really tempting me to take the plunge and subscribe to Ottobre (or at least buy a back copy).

  2. Looks great Marie - what a nice idea with the topstiching. Cant wait to see what you make out of the Ottobre mag for your swap - wonder who the lucky toddler will be!

  3. The cardigan and top are lovely!
    Really nice colours.


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