Thursday, July 12, 2007

Organised enough for a post

On the weekend, we attended the unveiling of a sign for Ashton's corner, named after Wayne's grandmother (seated). That is Wayne's parents on the right of the photo.
Grandma organised for the kids to have a jumping castle (Jalisa gained confidence later to bounce on her own, until she ended with a bruised nose)...
and some ponies to ride on.
Jalisa was in heaven, because she loves horses and jumping.

I finally got around to snapping a picture of Jalisa in her dress up outfit (crown and skirt) from Clair - thank you - they will be great to add to her dress up box.
I just realised I need to get a photo of the apron and oven gloves I made for Jalisa (after she desperately wanted the set that I made for Natalie's Jordan and Jai. Will get that done another day.


  1. What a lovely family day - how special to have something named after Waynes Gran. Jai looks very cute in the little dress up!

  2. She looks lovely in her dress ups! What fun to get pony rides too :)


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