Saturday, July 21, 2007

The V8s are in town

Jalisa and I were able to visit the track at Willowbank (which is only 15 minutes away) to check out the V8 supercars yesterday (with Wayne of course). We were able to get a whole 1 picture before the camera died, so at least Jalisa was standing in front of one of the HRT cars --the one Todd Kelly drives.
The cars were practicing on the track - a lot louder (with more backfires) than I expected but overall it was fantastic.

I have been working on this nappy bag for a little while (I blame lack of mojo) so I am glad it is finished. The bag is based on a Burda WOF (8/2005) pattern, though I added fabric handles, changed the base/sides, added internal pockets and did not do the 6 pleats (decided to do a central inverted box pleat instead).
I used a heavy black pique fabric for the outer, with a very stiff interfacing (probably a little too stiff for pleats). The lining is a poplin, the pockets are the pique and the binding is a stretch poplin with a soft interfacing.

I have learnt that pleats do not mix with pockets and that it is a better to use similar weights of fabric when adding pockets to the lining. I added snaps to keep the sides in at the top when out and about (I liked that better than having the sides stick out).

I thought I would add a picture of Jalisa for good measure, jumping on her new trampoline that Wayne thoughtfully assembled in the lounge room (meaning hours of jumping and tantrums when it was time to go out)...


  1. Oh great photo of Jalisa and the car (I love the beanie that she is wearing!) And glad that you finished something for yourself. I always find that making something new is a trail and error affair here! Like the idea of the snaps on the side though...

  2. Marie, great shots of Jalisa. Love the bag too

  3. The bag looks great.
    A trampoline in the lounge room is a new one.... I had a jumping castle for a while, but this looks like much more fun.

  4. Oooh I love the nappy bag! The fabric combinations looks great. I really want to try one, but just haven't gotten around to it, plus I'm used to making small ones that only use 1-2 fat quarters normally!


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