Sunday, August 12, 2007

Polka dot bouncer cover

This has been a work in progress almost all of this year. It had been stalled for some time because I needed to trace of the strap and once the strap was cut, I had trouble figuring out what to appliqué onto it. This morning when I was up really early (3ish) I thought I might as well try and finish the project before the baby is born, that a finished not-so-creative project is better than an unfinished waiting-for-inspiration project.

Actually, forgive me. It is not quite finished - it needs snaps (to be done once bubs is here for placement accuracy) and some Velcro. But I am showing it off anyway.

I made the pattern by tracing the frame of the bouncer and measuring the old cover to get the measurements for each panel. When I started the cover, I think I was going for a funky, modern, gender neutral. It would have been better with a different coloured strap, I think, but I did not have any suitable GN/non stretch/non pattern fabrics on hand other than the black.


  1. Marie, I think the black and white looks great - and makes a change from all the overly fussy baby stuff you see around.

  2. Well done Marie

  3. cute! did you just measure it up and make it!

    thanks for entering my competition...your entry is top of my list oh sew retro mummy! I love it!

  4. That looks great Marie! Can't wait for the arrival of our newest Sewing bub.

  5. Love the polka dots! Fresh, Cute but not 'over the top' and perfect for a boy or a girl too.


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