Saturday, September 08, 2007

Finished some WIPs

I started this project some time ago, so it felt very good to finally get it finished. I picked these fabrics out of the stash because they vaguely coordinating (and I wanted them used).

I had wanted to make one of these for a while (to take to hospital and for sleeps during the day) but only just got around to making a pattern this morning. I used a scrap of black cotton jersey so it is super comfy and won't make me sweat.

One of Jalisa's good dresses. This is #12 from Ottobre 2/2003 (I picked this issue as my free gift when subscribing - as its a summer edition, there are lots of great garments suitable for our climate). I would have preferred to make the straps in the same fabric, but it was a remnant (a very yummy cotton stretch woven from my local fabric store) and there was no more.

Both the front and back have tucks sewn first before binding the top edge.

I am finally coming close to the end of Jalisa's summer wardrobe. Cutting out a number of projects and working on them over time has ensured there is always something to sew when I feel like sewing and will be a great system when the new bubba is here.

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  1. Oh I love the dress! Such a sweet comfy style for summer. I am sure miss J will get loads of wear out of it.


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