Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Paper doll fun and a side of shirring

I am sure that being pregnant has made an impact on my creativity (being much less able to think of ideas at the right time, leading to many stalled projects).

Anyway, I had to think for some time of a gift I could make for the last minute party invite we received (well, I did hear about the party happening at MG last week, but without a paper invitation I had no chance of remembering all that time). It was a good thing I found an old list of suitable presents to make - I think I should update it and at least put it on the computer so I know where to look for it next time.

I decided a pencil roll would be appreciated by the birthday girl (the bonus being I did not need to guess any measurements like I did the hats the other week).

Rolled up


It occurred to me this morning that I needed to start making a big sister tee for Jalisa and, needing an applique idea for a shirred top, thought I could just do it on the shirred top instead (and get another project finished - yay!). Here is the work in progress.


  1. Oh yes, Jalisa definitely needs a big sister shirt. Everyone comments on Ellyse's when we are out. I love the pencil roll too, such an easy and useful gift. The drawing case I made was a real hit, gets taken everywhere apperantly.

  2. Lovely tee for Jalisa. The pencil roll is great too. I love them and they make great gifts

  3. What a great shirt idea, Jalisa will look gorgeous in it!

  4. I love both of these. The fabric on the pencil roll is so very cute, and the applique on the top is, well, tops!


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