Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Challenge yourself to sew (or something else) everday for a week

It is a great way to kickstart your sewjo (or equivilent). Now some of this was done in the day that I had a few child-free hours to sew and not offically in the challenge week. But I did manage to sew 5 garments, plus the appliques plus cut some things out...not bad.

Okay, here is a tracksuit from the vintage Kwik Sew for Babies book. I saw a similar fabric combo in an Ottobre magazine and quite liked it, but it is a bit meh in my version. I think the ribbing looks a little old fashioned when done in contrast colours. The positive was the ribbing was from my stash - so bit by bit I am chipping away at my fabric. The spotted fabric is polar fleece, so toasty and warm for my little boy. Next up is the coordinating overalls. The pattern is from Ottobre 3/02 (#2). I bought this magazine is German and it is funny how much I thought I could use the intructions. I had no idea how they did the opening from the diagram they had, with no words for back-up. Forgot to cut out the crotch piece too, so that made it a little easier.

Another VKSFB jacket, this time in hand dyed (by me) cotton fleece and grey marle ribbing. Once again, not super impressed with my fabric combo, but the fleece was free and ribbing from stash so this jacket was very inexpensive to make.

This sock monkey was destine for the polar fleece overalls. Sadly, the brown was not suitable. However, he found a home on the blue jackets. I love him.

This is the snap shoulder tee from Ottobre 1/07 (#1). Cotton lycra hand dyed by me. Looks huge, not sure if it will be too big for Scott this Winter.

Meet Dodgy Bob, so name because it rhymes with dodgy job (which is what I did with this little applique). He actually looks pretty good from the inside (where I was sewing him from) but the lock stitch did me no favours. This is Kwik Sew 2433 view D in a brown french terry knit. It is supposed to have cuffs, but I found them to be too small, so off they went.

Close up of Dodgy Bob

Finally, some leggings. I love these - they take under 15 minutes including ample tome pinning. There is a stack of them in Ottobre magazines, so take your pick.


  1. Wow Marie you have been very busy. Glad to see your sewjo back

  2. Wow - that is some impressive work. Way to get back your sewjo!!! And I like Dodgy Bob - he looks a lot like 'Boots' from Dora the Explorer :)

    OK, you've inspired me to get off this computer and go and do some sewing while at least one of the kids is napping. Cheers! Bec.

  3. Wow Marie, you have been a sewing master lately! I just adore the monkey appliqué and embroidery, just too cute!

  4. Marie, I love the monkey applique!!
    I have tagged you in my Blog...:)

  5. Oh no - dodgy bob is so cute - i love him

  6. oh wow marie you have been busy! you've inspired me with your boy sewing! beautiful!



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