Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oops, it's been awhile since I posted

So I took Jalisa to the park to get some action shots of her in her new pants and she goes on the slide and lands face first in the dirt. Here are her new cord pants, pink version. I used Ottobre 3/02 #14 and my only camplaint is they are a little baggy, more suitable for boys pants.
This is the purple version. Exactly the same fabric and pattern, this pair spent some time in a blue dye bath.
His and her leggings. This fabric was an op shop find.

Ottobre best tees is a great pattern. The rainbow tee has matching leggings. The purple fabric was from an op shop. I will decorate the white tee later when Mum's group has our craft day.

Ottobre curved raglan sleeve tee, from 2/2005. Blue has hand dyed by moi. I love this pattern, and there are several versions in this issue (the curved colour blocking looks great). The curve makes the sleeves only a tad more fiddly, but the results look great. I am undecided whether to leave this tee plain or decorate it.


  1. Marie, great clothes as usual. I lvoe Jalisa in those pink pants but then I love them a bit baggy

  2. Marie - I am with Cass - I think that the pants look great. Her face is priceless poor little love in her new clothes and covered in dirt.

    The shirts are fab - what pattern book are they in??? I have not ventured into tshirts yet - a little scared to tell you the truth!


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