Friday, April 18, 2008

I really need to remember to post more

Here is the test neck tie cooler that I made. Really easy, just make a tube of the width of the fabric, sew a seam through the centre, fill each side with a teeny amount of gardening water crystal stuff (like 1/8 of a teaspoon), sew two more seams 12cm along and then repeat so that you have a total of 4 pockets. Fold in the edges and voila. I made these tees the other day for Jalisa, when Scott was having a good sleeping day. Usually he naps for 40 minutes, three times a day and by the time I get the washing/dishes/tidying/other chores done and played with Jalisa, there is not much time left over to sew (hence why I usually sew when he is awake and happy to play on the floor) .

Once again, I used Ottobre's best tee's pattern. The purple mottled is leftover from a project for me (remember the top and skirt). The other two are from thrifted cottons. To embellish the pink tee, I used crochet cotton in the bobbin and sewed from the wrong side.


  1. Fantastic Marie, I love the tees, I have that pattern but haven't used it yet. Great idea with the crochet cotton, it looks amazing!

  2. The shirts look great Marie! I love the flowers!!

    You've reminded me to get to work on the neck cooler for my DH..

  3. That is a fantastic pattern! I have got to get Ottobre - good t-shirt patterns are hard to find.


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