Thursday, June 12, 2008

A playdate and some fab-ulous patterns

I looked after a little boy for a friend for a couple of hours yesterday. The boys had a lot of fun together.
And this is a couple of the patterns I picked up on my op shop crawl. I especially love the bottom right pattern. I am going to make up the jacket soon I think - it has be most gorgeous lines to it (there is a side panel and the sleeves are set in square).
Thank you to who ever was cleaning out their sewing book collection. I mananged to pick up Kwik Sew Sweatshirts Unlimited, a vintage lingere sewing book, a pattern drafting book, two machine embroidery books...there were other ones there that I had to leave, I had already blown the budget enough.


  1. Marie I can not believe how grown up Scott is looking. The time has just flown by

  2. Lovely patterns. I quite like that jacket too.

    LOL at both the playmates chewing the books.

  3. I know OP shops is short for something.....what is that something????


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