Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas presents from last year

In all the rush of the festive season, I never did get around to taking pictures of the handmade gifts that I made.

First, here are the butterfly wings in action. Jalisa was too busy rushing around for me to capture a good shot
I hand dyed the fabric, using shaving cream and dye. I fumbled along and made my own pattern/directions for the wings - I think they would make great presents so I might make a few more prototypes before passing them out.

Chalkcloth mat

The outside of the chalkcloth mat

Apron and oven gloves - the other apron is around somewhere...

Scott's I spy quilt - I still haven't done the binding. Not really sure what fabric to use.
I regret not taking photos of the Gratitude wraps that I made for friends - they looked really cool.


  1. Those are great gifts... wish I had that talent.

  2. Love the butterfly wings Marie, and it looks like J did too.

  3. Fabulous gifts, Marie. I especially love the idea of the chalkcloth mat. I've never seen that before. Where do you get the chalkcloth fabric?

  4. These are all fantastic, but I think the butterfly wings are my favourite. They are so pretty and would be very popular as I haven't seen anything like them before!


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