Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday Dyeday

Not the same ring as Friday Dyeday but I dyed on Tuesday and can't wait that long to show off my stuff. As you can see, I don't bother with ironing my fabric until I go to use it!

This is 2 pieces of quilter's sateen that I painted with blue and yellow dye. This was the first time I have directly painted a whole piece of fabric and it is not so easy (for me). It is hard to tell what the result will be because the colours are so dark. But this is what I was aiming for and the colours are nicely blended.
These are some swirl dyed sateen pieces - I did them in a small tray, so the pieces are only tiny. They will be used as the wings on some butterflies I plan on appliquing onto a skirt. The one of the right is the clearest, because it was done first. I found you can reuse the base as long as the colours are similar, but it is not quite as crisp a marble. This is some pinwale cord I swirl dyed. See how the two cuts of pink/purple are so much clearer than the blue green. I will have to problem solve that soon, I think it is to do the ratio of blue dye pwder to water when making the dye stock.

Pinwale cord painted. This is the blue that I was trying to get in the above shot. Why it works on one method and not another is a complete mystery to me. The cords did not blend as much as the earlier sateen and since they are really thirsty, being thick and all, I found it hard to work fast enough to get it more blended.

Some other stuff from the dye pot - the turquoise romper was done low water immersed but it is not very mottled. The green was also LWIed but I just dumped in yellow and blue and stirred, so wasn't sure what sort of green I would end up with. This is very mottled. The piece on the right was my experiment to see how a print would look marbled - it was a very ugly thing with koalas that I throught could be turned from trash (being chucked out by one of my SIL's to treasure) but I am not sure I like it much. I was in too much of a hurry. Jalisa loves it and wants pants, a top and skirt made from it (mind you there is like 1m of the stuff, so maybe a top).
Whew, what an essay.

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  1. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Wowee! These just keep getting better. I really like the vivid pink marble one on the right of the picture....such a gorgeous colour! What are you going to make with it all??


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