Saturday, July 11, 2009

More curved raglan sleeved tees

I think whoever designed this tee-shirt is a genius. It is my favourite tee pattern.
The latest issues had added a hoodie to the pattern and kangaroo pockets but I am still using the 2/05 version rather than adding on the extra features (already cut before my issue arrived). The dino drawing is from one of the Kwik Sew books (the toddler one I think) and the caterpillar was inspired by an applique I saw in Ottobre, though it must be in an issue that I don't have. Fabric is hand dyed by me.


  1. Marie, love the shirts. I think the green dyed one looks perfect with a dinosaur on it. It would definitely be a hit here! The caterpillar is super cute!

  2. I have that Ottobre too. I went looking for the t-shirt, and found a fantastic pair of overalls.

    Raglan sleeves are nice and easy to get on and off, what is it about this one that makes this one your favourite?

    I like the dinosaur too, I have the Kwik Sew Books as well. They are very good.

  3. No idea why they are my fav - just a little bit different to the standard tee

  4. Marie - great as alwasy - I think that I might have to look at getting this back issue. I have always loved this shirt and how it can be made for boys or girls.


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