Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Other quilty blanket

I mostly followed the directions of Thea's puzzle quilt (available free from Amy Butler's website) to make my TV blanket. Rather than having 9 blocks and borders, mine has 16 blocks and extra fabric at the ends to make up the length.
I used the A3 recipes from this site for the blue, green and pink (using turqouise, mixing red and golden yellow procion MX dyes) and then to get the lighter colours, I used the original dye baths (which is saved when you put the fabric into bags) and adding another cup of water. The purple is ultra violet, which ends up very pale with the addition of the extra cup. This site is fabulous because its recipes are very frugal and there is a huge variety of recipes to try. Of course, if you use a different base of primary colours, like I did, the results are different to the colours she has made.

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  1. Goodness - you have been busy, and it all looks great. I especially love the skivvy for the PJs, the colours look amazing.


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