Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dyed goods, skorts, PJs...lots of goodies

So I have finally gotten around to blogging again. It hasn’t helped that we have been through 3 weeks of sickness and therefore sleepless nights (and everytime I go to use the camera, the batteries are flat). Anyway, I am just finishing my holidays and thought it was more than time to do an update.

First up, some PJs for Jalisa. I shortened a leggings pattern for the bottoms and used a singlet pattern for the top. Orange fabric hand dyed by me. I used picot elastic just on the neckline edge, I was too lazy to do it for the armholes as well.

I have wanted to create a skort pattern for Jalisa for ages now, and being on holidays has given me plenty of time for tracing new patterns. My inspiration came from a Mini Metalicus knit skirt – basically a yoke and a little gathered skirt. Attach some bike pants and it should be good. Well, the trial came out alright, but I did not like gathering the knit skirt.

Here is version number 1 in some hand dyed knit.

No more flashing!

I redid the skirt, flared it out. The skirt is probably ¾ of a circle in total. This looks better and is much easier to attach (no gathering). To do the skorts, I traced off some bike pant-length shorts from a leggings pattern and reduced the crotch depth by the yoke amount (but adding on seam allowances. When sewing, make a sandwich of the bike pants, skirt section and yoke and overlock it all together (having already sewn the pants and skirt seams/hems etc). Then do the waistband and ta-da. Modest girly wear.

I bought some plain white undies to dye using the LWI (low water immersion) method.
I found a white bonds skivvy and dyed if for next year's PJs. Jalisa wanted and rainbow. I am no Sara from Willow and Moo so this is what I came up with. Don't ask about my other attempt.
The other pattern I have been wanted to make is a tennis-type dress. Basically a singlet with a attached flared skirt. The first one is going to be a nightie seeing as the drop waist is too dropped. Fabric is dyed by me, a poor attempt at graduation dyeing.
This is my second version. I raised the waist seam by 4cm but I think it is still a little too dropped. Anyway, the top is a little loose, so it may look better next year. If I make it again, I will make the skirt part shorter too I think. I dyeing (dip dyeing) turned out alright I think.
At Christmas we are staying with my PIL’s at a beachfront unit rather than camping, so I needed some modest PJs…somehow my slip from last year wasn’t going to cut it and I need a cup of tea before I do anything else. the material is the same as the robe I made myself last year.The pattern for the boxers is traced from the Kwik Sew book (for adults) – shortening the pants pattern. I have already trimming the waist down on the pattern for next time – the pattern is pretty old and high waisted is not my thing. My coverstitcher was being silly, so the top was downgraded to pajama wear.
And finally, a basic white tee for me.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Wow Marie, you have been busy! I love all the dyeing you've been doing, I really hope to give it a go myself one of these days. Hope that everyone is feeling better now too.

  2. Marie, what busy holidays you have had! The dyeing looks fantastic!

  3. wow, is great.
    and your girl is so sweet.

    greetings karin


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