Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bright Blue Burda jacket #122 from 6/05

I have not ever really been a jacket person. Of course, I have a denim jacket or 3 and jackets for when it is freezing. I was hooked after my recent boucle jacket adventure and scoured all my old Burdas for a jacket with a small notched collar that could be worn open or closed. This pattern also has a two piece sleeve and two sets of patch pockets.

I used a stretch cotton drill that I had orginally bought intending to dye and make shorts for Scott. I decided that this would be the perfect wearable muslin fabric. I did get lazy and use white thread throughout, becuase I only had enough matching thread for the topstitching, hems and buttonholes.

I chose to add some darts up the back for a better fit (I must have found a similar jacket pattern and just traced it, I also eliminated the shoulder dart). The pattern does not have a lining, and I chose not to line it, but it would be rather easy to add the lining (simply deduce the shape of the facings from the front and back pieces and then add a seam allowances, plus a pleat at the centre back).

I used Debbie Cook's perfect pocket tute and the pockets are pretty good. I went out and bought some shoulder pads, but because there is no lining, I decided not to sew them in after all. I thought it would annoy me having to adjust them when I put my jacket on and off, though I may add them at a later date if I desire.

I used my blindhem stitch for the hems, which turned out rather nice (a lot better than topstitching the hems would have).

I am pretty happy with this jacket. When I make this again, I will sew in a lining and maybe I will curve the front lower edges. I found another Burda pattern that is very similar to this, including the already drafted back darts. Interestingly, I must have skipped over that one as it includes 3 welt pockets.


  1. Your jacket looks FANTASTIC! Truly lovely. I want to try the blind hem machine thing ... any tips?

  2. Sally, all I can think of is practise first just to see that the fabric you want to use if suitable.

    It was fairly easy (I had tried it before years ago on a knit top and it wasn't was successful because it wasn't catching the fabric but this time was great).


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