Monday, June 28, 2010

Black and white boucle jacket

I had wanted to make myself a jacket this year, and I have finally gotten around to making one. I actually bought the fabric at the start of the year while I was on holidays, but I did not have a pattern in mind. I would have bought more if I had known I was making this jacket, because the pattern that I chose comes in a longer coat version with welt pockets that looks great.

The pattern is #111 from Burda 9/2005. It has a rounded 60s style collar, 2 piece raglan sleeves and the original has a fur collar and cuffs, which I did not want. I wanted a simple design because I am not a huge fan of working with boucle and did not want too many seams incase I had to unpick it (it would have been painful and messy). As you can see, it is quite a boxy fit. I could have played with it but I wanted to stick with the integrity of the design as much as possible.

As I did with Jalisa's jacket, I underlined with flannelette, for warmth and to give the fabric more loft. I chose to add 1 layer of flannelette in the collar as well, which ended up giving the fabric the right thickness that I wanted but caused me to make an error (I will explain soon). I ended up using a cotton sateen (left over from my applique dress project) to line the fabric with. I detest polyester lining fabric and wanted an injection of colour and this made the jacket even warmer, so postive all around). I used a bagging out method to do the hems, but since then I have found an even better way of doing it at the fashion incubator. The way I did it makes the lining the same length as the outer shell, but the FI way reduces the length of the lining hem. I did this for the sleeves, not shown, but did not think to do a search for a better way of doing the hem.

This is a picture of the sleeve. I love the way it is inserted into the armcyce. You sew the undersleeve seams and the side seams of the jacket. Then you attach the sleeves to the front and back. Then you sew the shoulder seam and the top of the sleeve seam. It ends up with a nice point where the seams meet.
The lining shows it a little clearer.
The only thing I did wrong was miscalculate how much turn of cloth I would need. You can see the undercollar as I did not make the upper collar big enough.


  1. Looks fab You did a great job!

  2. Wow Marie, this looks fantastic!!! I have a small piece of this fabric that I found in a remnant box that I plan on making a skirt for Cheriese

  3. Natalie - it would make an awesome skirt. I have a little leftover for Jalisa too. I already made her a boucle skirt this year, so maybe next year.


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