Saturday, May 01, 2010

Pink boucle coat for Jalisa

Jalisa chose a pink boucle fabric for her Winter Coat this year. Since it is not exactly a warm fabric, I interlined it with a cream flannelette. It is lined with a white and silver cotton. Pattern is from Ottobre
The fit is is okay - it will fit all her layers under it so that is the main thing.
This is a close up of the fabric and the buttons. These are the most expensive buttons I have ever used.


  1. Gorgeous jacket Marie!!! I've been eyeing off so many ones in Ottobre but haven't had the courage to dive in and have a go - my little miss desperately needs a nice smart jacket this winter too.

  2. Lovely lovely coat! Gorgeous. I am in the process of sewing an Ottobre coat for my daughter too. I hope it turns out as lovely as yours has.

  3. That is really beautiful. It looks so professional.

  4. Looks great Marie:)


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