Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goodies for the kids

Firstly, some simple tees for the boy. The fabric is french terry, dyed by moi. I used a raglan and a regular long sleeved tee pattern from Ottobre. I made these three plus another blue one the other week.

I cut out this tee as part of an outfit for Jalisa. However, I am not totally happy with it so I may end up finding some other fabric to use to match the skirt (which I haven't sewn yet). The body is an Ottobre basic tee pattern. For the sleeves I used a puff sleeve pattern but cut it at full length. It looked terrible so I used some shirring elastic to tighten things up. Here is a good outfit that I have made for Jalisa. The pleasted skirt is # 14 from Ottobre 4/07 and the knit top is "Kaisa" from Ottobre 1/09. I always seem to chose the simplest styles from Ottobre. This is probably no accident. I am too lazy to sew complicated outfits and I prefer simple colours and patterns over Euro for my kids (although I love to see Euro outfits made up).
The boucle in the skirt was picked up in the remnant bin for $2 a metre and with a red bolero already purchased in the January sales, the only suitable colour for a top was black. I had a small remnant of some rayon elastane left over from a skirt a few years ago. Perfect.


  1. Love the shirring on the sleeve of this top too Marie!

    The black top and Boucle pleated skirt is so cute! Pair it with some tights and winter boots and what a great outfit! (even without tights and winter boots it's a great outfit :) )

  2. Great tops! I love that skirt pattern too, nice and quick - I also have some boucle remnants I picked up from SL awhile ago, might make up something similar for my little miss


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