Friday, May 07, 2010


The other day I was in the mood to sew, but wanted something simple that wouldn’t require me to change colours on my overlocker. I was feeling lazy, nothing new. Anyway, I found this glittery silver grey knit and thought it would make a really cute cardigan. Now, I have had Kwik Sew 2759 in my pattern collection for a long time, I have even traced it in different sizes as I grew older and fatter. But I can’t recall having actually made it up. I love wearing cardigans with the SE QLD weather – autumn days means freezing in the morning and really warm during the day. Anyway, I chose view C, which as a binding around the neck and front edges. There are no buttons on my version, simply because of the laze factor and I usually don’t use the buttons anyhow.

I have had this knit top since I was pregnant with Scott. I actually used a Kwik Sew outerwear pattern but I used a lightweight wool-type jersey. This is a terrific green colour and I used a matching thread on my sewing machine, but I must have run out of ideas for a hem finish because I just left it as is. While I had my cardi pattern out, I thought I might as well reconstruct it into something that I can wear now. There was plenty of fabric to use, but not enough for a band. Not that I needed a band, as the pattern gives an option to finish with lingerie elastic, but I just like the look of the band more.
I left the sleeves a little fuller than the pattern, as it was already sewn up anyway. I did not have enough for long sleeves but I think the shorter sleeves suit the weight of the fabric anyway. I knew straight away that I would be using black picot elastic – that was the colour I had in my overlocker. I even found the elastic in my picot elastic stash. I haven’t used this colour before because I have only really used it for Jalisa (and therefore not in need of black yet).
I chose not to interface/add buttons. I rarely button my cardigans up and I just wanted a quick project. If I did it again, I would cut the sleeves with the right width. It is a little full and my coverstitch machine hates sewing picot edged hems in the round.

Yes, we do have a pink truck parked in our yard. I hate having it there - it makes up the bogans of the street. DH won't even park it behind the shed anymore because it got bogged. Anyway, I thought it might make a nice backdrop.


  1. They are lovely cardigans Marie :)

  2. Great sewing, Marie and I agree about the cardigans in SEQ. Very practical - they'll get loads of use over the mild winter.


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