Sunday, June 06, 2010

Doesn't Scotty scrub up well after a shower. Here he is in his new wiggles PJs. I traced the shirt from Otto 2/03 (just a basic collared shirt) and the pants are just some elastic waisted ones in his size.
I can't believe I spent $6 on a zipper. The zipper is a non-chunky, open ended zipper. Oh course, I only found out the price after I had paid for it. There was no prices on the stand. And the hoodie looks like I sewed the zipper in the dark. It kept sliding on the velour, and despite unpicking both sides twice, looks just as bad as my first application

Hoodie pattern is Kwik Sew 2993. Pants are from Burda. I morphed the wide curved waistband I like onto a straight leg pattern (#113 from 8/2003). I can't say good enough things about Burda pants. They rock. They are true to size - I have overlayed all my Burda pants patterns and while they have different with legs and waistband, they are all the same crotch curve and seams over the hips.

I have always steered clear of straight leg pants patterns. No sure why since I wear straight legged, thrifted jeans. Time to step out of my comfort zone and try some tighter clothing. I used up some black pinwale cord that I had in the stash. Usually I don't add back pockets, but I wanted to avoide the Long Butt look. I did have to take the sides seams in by 3cm on each side, so the pockets are not where I thought they would be (got moved in the process).

They are really comfy - perfect for me.
Now for some Mum photos. DH took the tyres off his project (yep, we still have the truck in our yard. Yes, I think we are percieved as bogans in our area). Anyway, Scotty declared he had put the tyre back cute.

And one of the girl, just because she is adorable.

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  1. The hoodie looks great - even if the zipper is not perfect (and wow at the price - they saw you coming) I have about 2 metres of that wiggles fabric in a white - I picked it up at the end of the season sale a few years ago (really should make it up before my two have outgrown the wiggles)


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