Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SSS Day 14

Outfit: Cotton linen pinstripe shorts (modified Burda), metallic shirred shirt (Burda pattern).
Plans: Work

Note: my name badge was on straight! It looks wonky sometimes.

Kbenco (sorry, don't know your name) asked what Burda pattern yesterday's black pants were. They are actually two patterns morphed: 107A from 1/2006 for the curved waistband/pockets and the straight legs 113 from 8/2003. I tend to use the Burda's I have already, so they tend to be from the mid noughties, unless I borrow them from the library. I can and sometimes do buy them single issue from Crafty Mamas but I tend to be a staples girl and use my patterns over and over.

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  1. I like today's outfit too.
    Alas, I only have one Burda from the mid noughties. You have excellent pattern morphing skills, and you are very sensible using the patterns you already own. I am fatally attracted by new shiny patterns, which really are all the same as my old faithfuls.


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