Saturday, September 04, 2010

SSS Day 4

Outfit: Burda blouse and skirt - both made by me this year.
Plans: Going to a first birthday party and a high tea bridal shower.
Thoughts: This is the first time that I have worn this blouse. I quite like the style of both the blouse and skirt, but I have actually tweaked some other Burda patterns to be a little more what I was going for (twirly skirt with less work, blouse with less wide but still open neck and slightly less puffy sleeves_.
Above was my afternoon outfit. Here is what I wore this morning.

Outfit: Blue rayon poly knit tank (circa 2000), hand dyed cotton lycra skirt, fabric curlers.
Plans: Chores, wrangling children and general around-the-house schleping.

Afternoon outfit again:
Confession: I move the photos around so that my schleping photo would not be on those blog lists people have!

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  1. Fabulous transformation- do you have a phone box for that???!! I do like your skirt!!


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