Thursday, May 05, 2011

Pink Wool Burda jacket

I have spent the better part of today finishing the jacket and dress pictured here. I quickly snapped some photos because it is nearly time to do the pick up and I want to enter them into the local show this afternoon.

Both patterns are from Burda. The fuchsia jacket is #116 from 9/2005. I followed Sherry of the Scissors, Paper, Cloth blog's RTW Tailored Jacket Sewalong. If you haven't checked the sewalong out, you simply must. Sherry has generously demonstrated so many wonderful tricks of the trade and shared a lot of information.
The jacket I chose has curved panels on the front, curved lapels and collar, two piece set in sleeves (no vent though), and a back peplum with two back vents. I did leave these vents out, since I wasn't sure I would be able to bag out the lining with them plus the extra ease from the curvy hems at the back. I added bound buttonholes, since the wool crepe had become quite thick in the wash (yep, I just chucked it right in the washing machine, and the drier too!).

Here is the back view.

Side view

I tried to zoom in here to get the buttonholes. I take suc

Here is the jacket unbuttoned. It still looks pretty good. This is how I will wear it most probably.

I hate being lazy. I tried to take more photos, but I am really no good, so I gave up. I need to get the entry organised - one last press etc before it gets bagged up.


  1. What a lovely jacket!

  2. Your jacket turned out gorgeous. I adore the color you chose and it looks perfect on you. I am so far behind on my jacket, but I'm not going to give up on it. I am really grateful to Sherry too for sharing her knowledge like she has.

  3. Great work on this! It has a lovely shape to it.

  4. The jacket is great - beautiful fit, good luck for the show!

  5. It looks great - well done! It fits so nicely and I love the colour too!


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