Sunday, May 01, 2011

This boy cracks me up

This was Scott's favourite spot last week. He has to crawl through the dishwasher to get in.

I snapped some more photos of the boy's new clothes. The hoodie is from the newer version of Kwik Sew for Toddler. I made a size 4. Nothing special, just something to keep him warm in the cooler months. I had Wayne draw a picture of a hotrod to stitch on to the front. The fabric is polar fleece.

The pants are the Eskimo pattern from Ottobre 5/2006, #11. These were my trial pair in an 80 width and they were too wide. They are size 86 in the height, which is perfect for him, even though he is a lot taller than that. I had to use his inseam/outseam measurements to get it right. The thing is, I think there is a nappy allowance in the smaller sizes so I can't go too small without getting too baggy in the crotch. I used a beige coloured cotton fabric.
The back panels almost make a circle with their big , wide curves. The front panels only have a slight curve. It is an easy pattern, although the back panels look tricky to put together, they go in fast.

Here is a close up of the hot rod. I don't like how it picked up where I stopped and started, but I wasn't about to bin it when the mistakes are only noticed when you are very close.

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