Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anthropologie knockoff / dud

 I have lots of pictures of clothes from Anthropologie and I was keen to make a few floaty tops like the ones shown above. I thought it would be really quite simple (and it was). Looks through Burda patterns. Find a pattern to use as the base. Find similar patterns to make the desired changes.

I started with the cute little number on the left. I thought the sleeves and the neckline were similiar enough to the look I was going for. However, I hated the gathers over the bust. Not my thing. Rather than doing my own thing and just extending the bodice peices, I found the peasant pattern to use as a guide for the side seams. I figured it was a sure thing for having enough ease to slip on over my head.

So yeah, there was plenty of ease there... plenty for a baby belly in there too. Late term baby belly.

I actually took these pictures as the before photo as I was going to fix the problem with lots of elastic thread. Just made it looks worse and it was tight and uncomfortable. So I unpicked the elastic thread and hung the top in my wardrobe. It'll work with a belt, if I ever buy myself a belt, or I can just wear it at home lest anyone mistake me for being up the duff at work.

 So my plan for lots of these tops went out the window - I think I will just concentrate on making fitted blouses for work.


  1. I think it's a pretty blouse! I certainly know how it is when things don't turn out quite as I envisioned (:
    I wonder if just sewing in at the side seams would give it more of the fit you're looking for?

  2. I'm sorry this didn't work out, but I sure do love that fabric and it's a good thing you feel like you can wear it with a belt. It's a bummer when things don't work out, but I know when that happens to me, I always learn something new that I can apply to future projects.


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