Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fairy Floss Taffy blouse and my new baby

The Colette Sewing handbook arrived in perfect timing for me. Not only is it the busiest time for me professionally, I have been busy with many social outings. Other introverted people will understand how tiring it is to have additional social occassions. This weekend we had a work Christmas party, 21st party and a games day. Plus I had to do my normal chores and Sunday school commitments.
The Taffy top is delightfully simple yet elegant enough for an evening out in the big smoke.

 The pink swiss dot cotton is my test garment. I wore it today to the games day at my house, and Sunday school. I will post my other version soon. It never made it to the big smoke but I wore it out last night to the golf club for the 21st.

I am tired. Two late nights plus socialising have zapped my energy. I actually dyed this fabric. It was a off white and I was aiming for a fuchsia, but ended up with a fairy floss pink. It was been sitting around my sewing room since it is a little girly for the blouses I wear to work. Now that I ahve made it up, I am really enjoying the colour.

And here is my new baby - a HG Palmer Princess. This baby was originally used at a uni in Brisbane, but was rescused by DH's BIL from being sent to the dump. I sent it in for a service and am told she is in fantastic condition, hardly used. I was delighted that she is a rebadged Janome machine, making all my machines made by Janome. She sews through 8 layers of denim withhout noticing, so perfect for the jeans I plan to make.


  1. Pretty top and great machine! I could do with something with that ability to sew through layers for denim, leather etc.

  2. Love the top and the machine. I have that book and am desperate to make something from it. I might make the Taffy first, before the Meringue.... Also after making a couple of pairs of jeans, I realise now how handy a workhorse machine would be have around. Happy sewing!

  3. I'm so glad the machine was rescued from the dump! Sounds like it will come in very handy.

    I have the Colette Handbook requested from the library. I'm happy they keep up to date on sewing books!

    I'm an introvert too, so I can definitely feel your weariness! I really have to pace myself during the holidays and schedule "time out" or I tend to dread the season. It's good to know yourself, though!

  4. That machine looks awesome, and it sews 8 layers of denim?! That is awesome. I also love the shade of pink with your test garment.

  5. Gorgeous top!! And I love the machine :) She is pretty.

  6. Maddie1:49 pm

    I've just acquired a similar machine (badged as Princess) but I'm having trouble working out how to thread it up. Any tips? (Do you know what kind of janome machine yours is a copy of?)
    Great top :)

    1. Hi Maddie - no idea about what kind of Janome machine it is. When I first got her, I did a quick search and found the instruction booklet that went with her, found here:

      when I follow the threading instructions, it works well!


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