Saturday, November 26, 2011

Colette Taffy top

It took awhile to get these photos, but I finally got some taken. Having another occasion to wear version 2 of the Taffy top helped, but I had limited time to get ready for church and put dinner on the table, get the kids ready etc.
This Taffy blouse is made from a silk cotton voile that I have been hoarding in the stash for the perfect pattern. Since it is a very fine fabric with a fab print, I wanted a top with limited seams to break up the pattern. I had earmarked it for a kimono style top, but when I found this in the Colette book, I knew that this fabric would be perfect for it.

I made a size 4-6 and the sizing is good. I found it a little long for my liking, so I just made the hems a little deeper. Oh, and the only other change was applying the bias so that it was on the inside only. It probably made the neckline a tiny bit deeper than drafted, but the difference was only slight it probably is not worth mentioning.

The flutter sleeves are the highlight of the top. The really help to broaden my shoulders.

The fabric was being gobbled by my sewing machine, so I tried an old trick and started sewing from the middle of the seam. This is the first time in a long time I have done french seams and they really are a simple luxery. And it doesn't really add to the construction time.

Princess has been having a workout today. I am making some Chino coloured shorts from the Jalie jeans pattern and there has been plenty of topstitching to do. Using such an old machine has been taking me back to learning to sew on my Mum's 70s era Elna.. It has been a weird experience because Princess is just as cranky as the Elna (such as having a whinge when the needle is not down when starting to sew). Makes me appreciate that I sew in the modern era, with being able to move the needle position and adjustable speed. Still, Princess is breezing through the topstitching, which is her only function for me.


  1. Marie, that top really suits you, and it's rockin with your jeans. Seriously! :) You look so pretty and happy in that outfit.

  2. Very pretty! You're making good use of the Colette book!

  3. Your top is lovely - I love the fabric. I'm hoping that I'll get the Colette Patterns book for Christmas :)

  4. I hope you realise how lucky you are to be able to wear that style!!
    But seriously, it's lovely, no wonder you were hoarding that fabric.


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