Friday, December 02, 2011

My croquis

Inspired by Joanne from Stitch and Witter, I too have made myself a croquis. The Colette sewing handbook has you trace a photo of yourself, but I decided to play around with with some programs I have on my computer to get a similar result. Here is me in all my pear shaped goodness.

To do it on the computer with no fancy software, I did the following:
  1. Take photo against plain background in tight fitting clothing
  2. Open photo in Picasso 3
  3. Crop photo (Basic fixes)
  4. Chose B&W in Effects
  5. Save
  6. Open in
  7. Select pencil sketch in Artistic (in Effects tab)
  8. Play around with the pencil width - I chose 2
  9. Select the Paint bucket and colour black
  10. Invert colours under Adjustments tab
  11. Save

Or instead of steps 9 and 10, open in Paint and clean up with the eraser.

I could have cleaned it up some more, but I am pretty happy with the results.

Now I think I will ponder my wonky body. No more denial.


  1. This is great! And you are awesome for posting it.

  2. This is fun to see. Now I'm interested in how you will use it.

  3. Ooh - thanks for the Paint pointer! I didn't know there was an "effects" option in there!


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