Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jumpers - just a little daggy!

In theory, these are the perfect jumpers for me. The colours are pretty, the style is perfect for layering under my new coat (most of the jumpers I have have interesting necklines and  just don't look right when the buttons of the coat are closed. Like this or this.) These new jumpers sewed up pretty good too, since they are just like a t-shirt. But without any interest, the are even boring to me and I like dressing simply.

The red is possibly some type of wool blend. I bought it 10+ years ago when I was at university and like travelling to fabric stores all over Brisbane. This particular place was in someone's garage, I swear. I think this was the only piece I actually bought at the time because I wanted to visit some other places in the area. The pattern is a vintage Kwik Sew pattern, 742 but I omitted the turtleneck (they say cowl neck) and added a self-fabric neckline.

The red version wasn't scooped enough, so my second version was scooped a little more with the Jalie 2806.

Maybe they will grow on me.


  1. They are very nice jumpers, lovely colours and well fitting.If you don't make "boring" basics, you have to buy the horrid ones from the shops that don't fit and are yucky fabric so that you have something to wear with more exciting sewing, and that just detracts from the overall outfit. Go basics!

  2. With kbenco - the basics may be boring to make, but they are the ones that will get the most rotation in your wardrobe. I like the colours of your jumpers.

  3. They are lovely basics and will get a lot of wear. You can always pep them up with some fabulous accessories - scarves, long necklaces, layers...the choices are endless!

  4. I love to wear the basics and am trying to sew more of those myself this year. Both sweaters fit really nicely and the colors are so versatile.

  5. These are gorgeous colours, and perfect for layering, and I don't think they are boring at all! I prefer to wear tops like these for most of winter too :)


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