Thursday, August 02, 2012

A fabulous fabric sale

I read about this fabulous annual fabric sale on the Summer Flies blog. It was very tempting but since I had bought way too much fabric lately I wasn't going to go. But then my husband convinced me I should go. Isn't he a sweetie?

It took me a while to actually locate the joint and had to circle around the block - the things you do for a good fabric sale. All the fabrics were $6/m and I had to spend quite some time considering the fabrics because I only had a limited amount of cash on me.

I ended up with a brown checked wool, a charcoal mystery fabric, a purple boiled wool and a charcoal linen. From the sounds of it, the boiled wool is the same as Summer Flies bought. It really is a gorgeous colour. They will end up as pants, a jacket and shorts or a skirt.

I really have to get cracking on some sewing. I have no more storage room at all. Well, in the sewing room that is.

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  1. Love the boiled wool and charcoal linen. I can never resist a fabric sale either!


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