Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another bite at a pencil skirt

After the disaster of my last project, I was determined that the next one would be more successful. I had already cut the lining for another pencil skirt so just went along with it. Luckily it went a lot more smoothly. The pattern, by the way, is Burda #127 from 1/2008. There are princess seams front and back as well as a slit at the back.

This version I changed the slit to a vent, which only required a small adjustment to angle the vent seam on the pattern. I think the vent makes the lower back sit a lot nicer than a slit. I did not do a lot of research into vent linings, having found a nice tute at a Fashionable Stitch but after further research (after the fact), I should have added some vertical ease above the vent. Live and learn etc.

I again ended up omitting the waistband due to fabric shortage. I found this wool tweed at an op shop and it only measure just  over 65cm long.
Here is the back vent and lining. The overlap is mitred in the corner. As I bagged the hem, it looks ugly in the corner where the pleat forms. I did read today that bagging a skirt hem is not necessary, but I like it.
I used the machine to attach the lining to the zipper tape. It was a little tricky having bagged the hem, but not impossible. To finish the waist, I used a strip of black bengaline cut along the non stretch grain. It was sewn doubled over and then I handstitched it to the lining on the inside.

It feels good to finish this skirt. This is a silhouette I have always avoided sewing prior to this year because I never thought a pegged skirt was flattering to my lower body. I think I need to experiment a little more.


  1. It looks fabulous on you! I like the princess seams, fits you perfectly. The fabric is gorgeous too - I never seem to find anything decent at the op shop lately.

  2. This is a great skirt. I'm a real fan of pencil skirts. Yours has lovely fabric and beautiful fit.

  3. It looks great - got to love that op shop fabric, score! Tweed skirts are a great basic - once you get your head round the new silhouette I'm sure you'll see its potential.

  4. That is a really smart skirt. I bet you will wear it to death, as it looks the perfect wardrobe staple piece, and so beautifully finished!

  5. It's a really lovely classic and the fit looks quite good.


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