Saturday, November 17, 2012

Red tee and face.

Who doesn't love reading sewing blogs that have fabulous photos. Carolyn's blog is so wonderful for this. So inspirational. Every now and then, I decide to take a photo somewhere in the yard to try to make something a little more interesting. You know, something other than standing in front of a brick wall. Spots are very limited because my husband and I are not gardeners. He hates trees and I can't keep plants alive when I try.
Today, like many other days, it did not work out. I thought that I would go out near our mango tree but realised as I was halfway down there that my neighbours are making the most of the breeze and sitting out on their deck. There is no way that I can take photos of myself, by myself when they are there.
So I go out the front and take a few photos. After a while, I realise that the people up the road are out on their deck taking turns to look my way. While they may or may not be looking at me, I am just paralysed. And my facce turns red Luckily I can count on my daughter to come out and take some photos with me so I don't feel so bashful.

 I made up Jalie 2905 (with the scooped neckline from 2906 - I think that is right) in a red cotton lycra on Friday. Felt great to be sewing again since I had been struck down with a vertigo causing virus that left me couch/bed bound for days (oh, and I should be marking tests and writing reports too!)
I had been wanting to try a twist neckline for sometime. Not sure if it looks twisted enough so that it looks like a deliberate design features, rather than being a poor seamstress! It will still be worn - I have been wearing it today at my daughter's school fete.


  1. I really like the twisted neckline. I saw it before reading and knew what you were doing, so it must be right :) Taking photos of myself is really awkward, so I think you are pretty brave doing it with an audience.

  2. I always end up taking photos in the same spot too, I have grand ideas based on Carolyn and Paunnetts blogs but there never seems to be enough time and if I get my hubbie to take pics he cuts off my feet or head or both, lol!

  3. Ha, ha!!! Love the photo dilemma... I too would rather be sewing than writing up those report cards, but the end of term is looming, quickly....

  4. Anonymous1:08 pm

    I've been getting used to having photos taken. In fact I'm starting to lose my shame. I recently took my apronalong photos at Circular Quay, marching along surrounded by locals and tourists... in fact tourists started taking pictures of me. I've thrown caution to the wind and turned into a quirky sewing nut...

    1. Gosh, I wish I had your guts. I have been taking my picture for my blog for some time and haven't made much progress.

  5. Thank you so much for that kind compliment! :) I'm shy about taking my photo if anyone's watching too.
    Your daughter is so pretty, and looks like a fun photo companion. And I love the shade of red in your new Tshirt.


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