Thursday, April 04, 2013

An oldie but a goodie

I spend a portion of my day at work sitting on the floor. Generally it is when we are playing literacy games that require a flat surface (most desks are at different heights making it near impossible to play memory). I need to sit on the floor to preserve my back - I simmply cannot sit on a chair when kids are on the floor. Most days this term I have worn shorts to work, but I have also started wearing my Tiramisu dress because it's full skirt keeps my modestly when I am on the floor. And it is comfortable and fun.
I wanted to make some more knit dresses suitable for work. I have made another unblogged Tiramisu but I wanted something for Winter. I bought this plaid ponte and immediately thought of the perfect pattern to make it in - Burda magazine 9/07 #121, a knit pinafore dress. However, my old university lecturer popped into my head at that moment and I wondered if the dress was practical enough for work with the pegged hemline. He told us to our work attire should be professional, practical and comfortable and I have always stuck by these rules because that is what I do(I used to take it to the extreme and wear joggers in my first year out).

Too bad Dennis. I will be wearing the dress to work whether it fits your rules or not. It is so comfortable and will be great for wearing in with 3/4 and full sleeved tees in all sorts of colours and of course stockings.

 I made the dress entirely on the sewing machine, as I though the overlocker would add to much bulk at the seams. I also wanted to baste the seams first and try on because I was afraid the dress wouldn't fit properly. I shouldn't have worried because the fit is spot on and I am sold on working with ponte. Actually, I lie. I did go back and overlock the seam joining the bodice to the waistband for added stability.


  1. I love that fabric! Ponte is such a favourtie of mine, so easy to sew and so easy to wear. I can only ever find plain colours and I love the plaid.

  2. Hi Marie, I think the design of the dress is not old for me it is unique. My mom always says fashion repeats itself. Keep it up and always be inspired.

  3. I like the way this fabric runs on the bias. It gives an interesting twist to this dress.

  4. This dress looks great and fits you beautifully!


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