Friday, April 05, 2013

Two simple knit tops

I have used Kwik Sew 3242 before to make the skirt pattern but this was the first time making the top. Not much to write about, I just wanted something simple that wasn't my usual Jalie tee. The fabric is Stella knit from Crafy Mamas Fabrics. For some reason, I had a lot of trouble using my coverstich on the binndings. It did not like sewing them and kept missing stitches. Perhaps it was the new green thread I was using, I had already inserted new needles.

The cowl top is from the Winter 2011/12 edition of the My Image magazine. I just left the sleeves off and turned the sleeve allowance in (seeing as I had had a lot of trouble with the bindings on my last knit project). I bought the material from The Fabric Store in Brisbane when they were having their 40% off sale. It is a delightful rayon knit which ended up just being one of those painful fabrics. First, it stretched out when I had washed it. I purchased 1m and ended up with close to 1.7m. And it was off grain. Decided at that point I needed to treat it more carefully and wet the fabric and let it dry flat.

After letting it dry the second time, it was more on-grain so I cut out the top and sewed it up. The coversitch machine hated it, so I did the arms on the sewing machine and only hemmed it on the CS. After one wash, it has stretched out of shape  (my fault,must have cut it off grain after all); shredded at the hem, made a hole where I have topstitched. And it wrinkles like crazy.
I do like the colour though.


  1. That fabric does sound like a nightmare...shame, as the top looks good.

  2. How annoying - your top still looks good and I love the green.


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